The New Workforce

Tue. March 6| 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM | 361 C

Today's workforce is a work in progress. Companies are struggling to find and keep top talent, there are fewer people available to fill your positions, employees are demanding more from companies and the future is rapidly changing. The asphalt industry is a desirable place to work once we get people involved. This session will feature data from a Reester and Associates survey, in partnership with NAPA, that reviewed national workforce issues unique to our industry. This session focuses on the makeup and character of the current employment landscape and what your firm can do to attract and retain top team members.
1. Understand the makeup of today's workforce
2. Map out strategies to attract and keep top talent
3. Appreciate the unique workforce opportunities facing the asphalt industry.

Type: People, Plants, and Paving

Track: People

Handout(s): The New Workforce


Reester, Keith

Reester, Keith


Reester and Associates