Recycled Tire Rubber Modifiers: High Performing Uses and Why They Work

Thu. March 8| 9:30 AM - 11:00 AM | 352 F

Recycled Tire Rubber (RTR) derived from scrap tires has long been used to modify asphalt. The many benefits are well documented including greater resistance to reflective cracking, superior ageing properties and the ability to use the binders in a host of unique applications. This session explains the engineering properties that derive from this type of binder modification and gives the audience an undersatnding of why they work. The second part of the presentation will show practical applications, primarily in spray applications where the binders have proven to be cost effective.
1. Gain an understanding of the process of producing RTR from scrap tires.
2.'''' Understand why and how asphalt binder modification using RTR is effective.
3.'''' Learn the many roles of RTR binders in spray applications.

Type: People, Plants, and Paving

Track: Pavement Preservation

Handout(s): TH27 Barry T Recycled Tire Rubber Modifiers Handout, TH27 Marc B Recyled Tire Rubber Modifiers Handout


Bertsch, Marc

Bertsch, Marc

Vice President

American Pavement Systems, Inc.